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Terms of rental
Cars 1 day 2-3 days 4-6 days > 6 days > 30 days
Daewoo Lanos(air conditioner) 38$ 35$ 32$ 30$ 28$
Daewoo Lanos automatic 41$ 39$ 36$ 34$ 30$
Chevrolet Aveo sedan 48$ 45$ 43$ 40$ 36$
Chevrolet Aveo automatic 51$ 49$ 46$ 44$ 39$
What is required to rent a car 
  • Requirements for driver:
  • minimum age in '25;
  • driving experience (time since issuance of a driver's license at the time of signing the lease) - not less than 3 years
  • Driver's license (experience managing more than 3 years, age over 25 years)
  • Minimum package of documents for submission:
  • passport
  • identification code (for citizens of Ukraine)
  • Drivers License
  • Payment of rent:
  • Customer makes a one-time payment for the rental amount for the entire term car rental in one of three ways:
  • cash
  • credit card
  • cashless
Security deposit and insurance conditions:
         Collateral (security deposit) is worth the equivalent of $ 250 (cash only). A security deposit is required "obligatory and is payable at the time of signing the contract and returned to you in the performance of the contract, at the time of car return. According to the insurance of any damage to the vehicle worth up to $ 250 (deductible) insurance company is reimbursed, so the damages worth up to $ 250 charged for the benefit of car rental in the amount of damages, but not more than the amount ekvivalntnu $ 250.
Travel abroad:  Departure from Ukraine banned  
Reservation / booking car:
        Book car better advance on our website in the form of "Rent a car" or by phone: +38 (096) 33-11-333.
Booking procedure:
        First of all, you must  to book a car through the form of "Rent a car" or call, confirm the presence of an operator car rental car to make the amount of rent for two days (depending on your car) through the form of " Pay by card " The failure of the armor or not lease a car during the day, which booked the car previously deposited amount in two days rental is not returned. When you lease a car this amount is credited for hire.
Tariffs on car rental:
        Fare includes daily rent, insurance, taxes, maintenance car during the whole term of the lease. Do not include the cost of petrol stations on paid parking, fines DPS. Limit daily run at the standard rate - 300 km. / Day. If you exceed the limit, surcharge sstanovyt (cost of day) / 300km per kilometer.
Delivery and return cars:
        The car seems to an existing fuel and clean. When you return the car with less fuel or dirty, the customer pays for refueling and washing (12 $). If the return found more gasoline than at the time of lease, car rental returns of unused fuel.
Rent a car

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